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Monday, November 9, 2009

Update on the 'Kidz

If you have you have noticed that I haven't had any Ebay or Etsy dolls up for grabs, no worries! The 'Kidz are still going strong! I have been knee-deep in custom designs recently, and haven't had a chance to complete any original artist-type 'Kidz for a bit...keep peekin' in though, as I do have a small 8inch character in the works, with some brand new techniques being worked on.

At this time, custom creations are taking anywhere from one week to 3 weeks, depending on details and demand.

If you are planning on ordering a custom designed doll with a Christmas deadline, please make sure we speak via email (demonkidz @ deposits are in by November 27th, which is the last week that I can guarantee completion for Christmas delivery at this time.

Creations are started on a first come - first serve basis, with deposits holding your slot in the waiting list. Slots have been filling up quickly, so feel free to ask any questions or gather information as soon as possible if you are interested in gifting (or being gifted!) with your own one of a kind 'Kidz character this Holiday Season!

Remember to visit our Facebook page! Updates and photos are featured there each week, with behind-the-scenes information and fun...hopefully I will be showing off some fruitful end-products of mad scientist experiments I have been driving people crazy with this weekend... :p

As always, Be Safe and HAVE FUN!
- Mare & the 'Kidz


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