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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holiday 'Kidz!

We have had a few more additions to the DemonKidz Family over the holiday!
Now that Christmas gifting time is over, we can shout out our congrats to the new owners for their successful custom designs!

Willow and Wisper are now the proud young owners of their 'portrait demon' dolls, Violet and Ashley, both 14inch all vinyl, cute and sassy demons. Aunt Keecia had these One of a Kind characters made just for her One of a Kind nieces!

Another young fan of the 'Kidz was gifted "Lucy", a 15inch regal Vampire girl, gifted to him by his loving mom, Isla! Isn't she a spooky-yet-cute little thing?

"Lucy" resides with her 'brother' - also a gift to our young fan - 15inch, all vinyl "Ed"!

And a special little guy who we have dubbed, "Wolfie", a 15inch realistically painted and handrooted werewolf baby, was gifted to Caitlin who absolutely adores all things Werewolf, by her Dad!

I hope everyone enjoys their new friends as much as I enjoyed creating the gifts and getting to know everyone involved in these fun surprises. Thanks for including the 'Kidz in your holiday celebrations!

- Mare & the 'Kidz

Sunday, December 6, 2009

I have been a bit unavailable this weekend, and I apologize for the inconvenience, but I have good reason! We have had a new addition to the family at Maze Manor! Many know of Puck, the demonic-pet-goat, and his companion, Baa-sil. Well, Baa-sil is a new Mommy, and Puck is doting step-dad to "Emalie", our new baby demon-goatling - born just yesterday afternoon! I had to share, she's a cutie :)

- Mare & the 'Kidz